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:: Feng Shui Consultations

An on-site Feng Shui consultation can be transformative and enlightening. The session has a deeper psychological depth than most people realize because BTB (Black Hat Tibetan Buddhist) Feng Shui is based on the premise that our environment is a perfect expression of our emotional and mental states. As within, so without.

Gina’s consultations involve first laying out the Nine Star Astrology for her clients, which provides important information about relationships and personal chi (energy). Next she interviews her clients to discuss the issues at hand, creating a very personal experience. She then walks through the home or business thoroughly with the client and discusses recommended solutions. A written report is provided which includes suggested Feng Shui adjustments and the intentions behind them.

Gina considers shapes, color, room design and location, furniture, outside influences, and the client's personal concerns and energy during a home or business Feng Shui consultation.  Using techniques developed over centuries, space is designed to enhance the energy so its inhabitants feel more balanced, energized and productive. Her consultations with homeowners and business professionals are tailored to each individual situation.

If you live outside of Calgary, Gina can complete a Feng Shui consultation remotely. Please call for more details.

Feng Shui and Space Design

When a new home, business or neighbourhood incorporates Feng Shui principles in the initial design, harmony and balance can be created. When working with new design, or renovations, Gina and her clients develop the focus and intention of the space interactively.

She then looks at the space (if using an existing building) or land (if a new building is being erected). It is best to have the opportunity to choose the best space or plot of land initially. She and her clients walk through the space and examine the plans thoroughly discussing the energetics and room placement. She works with the owners and the person drawing up the plans (architect, interior designer or contractor) to ensure the space and the interior room placement is in line with Feng Shui principles. She also give suggestions on finishing materials and color to provide balance.

Gina works with energetic clearing for new space design to determine placement of the building and rooms to ensure a beautiful beginning for your space.

Please call Gina at 778-678-3895 to book a consultation.

:: Space and Personal Energy Clearing Consultations

Energy clearing is based on the understanding of the world as energy, how it interacts and how we are interconnected and respond to different energies. Certain energy patterns in our environment affect our health, our thoughts and our emotions. Bringing conscious awareness to these energies can be freeing and can help us understand the web of life in which we live.

Space Clearing

As energetic beings, we are in constant connection with the energy of our environments.  When a physical space is out of balance it usually means that the environment and its surrounding area, land, buildings, etc. is either geopathically stressed or metaphysically disturbed by the current or previous occupants of the space.  This can create stress or difficulties for the occupants of the home or business. One of the simplest ways to assess and clear negative disturbances is through the ancient practice of dowsing. Clearing, shielding and/or reversing the negative effect of these energetic stress patterns can be completed with a simple L shaped rod, a pendulum and a clear intent. Through space clearing, we can “lighten up” our environments. Dowsing techniques can also be used to determine if space clearing is necessary for your home or business. Space clearing can be done from a distance, because with energy there is no time or space barrier.

Personal Energy Clearing

Our physical bodies radiate an energetic system of subtle energy that holds memories, attachments, experiences, fears, beliefs, and emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic patterns. These energetic “fields” act as filters and layers of information through which we experience life. We can balance these fields and energy patterns by embracing them without judgment and holding a space for their integration. Personal Energy Clearing is a safe, gentle method that releases energy patterns in the physical body and in subtle energy fields. Until we change these patterns, we'll continue walking the same path. This powerful method of releasing stress and tension can deeply affect peoples' lives and help clear old patterns.

Personal Energy Clearing is recommended as part of Environmental Clearing to help people better support and integrate the higher frequencies of their home or office. Personal Energy Clearing can also be done long distance.