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Gina Dolinsky Calgary Alberta Feng Shui
Meet Gina Dolinsky

Energy Clearing Practitioner and BTB Feng Shui Consultant
based in British Columbia

Gina is gifted with the sensitivity of an energy worker. She brings compassion and love to her work in personal and space clearing. She is a certified energy clearing practitioner with Clear Home Clear Heart and has studied extensively with Eric Dowsett. This work is simple yet profound. Find out how Space & Personal Energy Clearing Consultations can transform your life experience in the Services & Consultations link.

Gina is also a recognized Feng Shui Consultant and teacher. She is a graduate of the three year BTB Feng Shui Professional Training Program in San Francisco taught by the foremost Feng Shui teachers in North America: Steven Post, Edgar Sung and Barry Gordon. Gina follows the teachings of Professor Lin Yun, lineage holder of the Black Hat Sect Tibetan Buddhist (BTB) tradition. She designs environments that support successful living and business prosperity.

Gina combines energy clearing with her Feng Shui consultations, resulting in powerful shifts for her clients. She delivers practical and informative workshops as well as consultations to families and businesses in Western Canada.

Gina has a BSc in Human & Social Development, with over 20 years of clinical and analysis experience in the Canadian health care system.